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Joseph W. Buergi (Switzerland)

Buergi r

In a world, which betook itself once more into a spiral of fear and mistrust it is not easy to remain conscious of ones responsibility towards socially deprived persons.

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Aleksandra Szwarc (Poland)

I studied the pages very carefully to become acquainted with the content. I am convinced that your endeavors will have a positive influence. They will help to direct the attention of people towards the actual violations of the Human rights. Working as an artist or with people who create art, gives the hope that it will help to open the eyes of the society on human sufferings.

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Sandra Brutscher (Germany)

Art is a means of communication, which for example offers the possibility to reach people of different nationalities...

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Mohammad Amin Rashedi (Iran)


Dear Gabrielle & Dear Hans
I am very very happy for your following and reply, I have been working on my main series for last 2 years which called BLIND ANALYSIS.

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ARTUMULT 5th. January 2012, Basel

Extracts from a discussion

Why does an artist opt to treat Human Rights?

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