ahr network


With art, you can in the greatest variety of ways publicize, advance and support human rights as they were defined in UN Resolution 217 A (lll) of 10. 12. 1948, The General Declaration of Human Rights. This can correspond to a subject of the day by means of events, festivals, charity performances or other forms of expression. This is because no one can have anything against art or against artists who are mobilized in favor of human rights. Experience proves it.


There are enough examples of how individuals - artists and others - have done something brave to support human rights; the list is a long one. In this way, mountains have already been moved to some extent. But most of these efforts have eventually petered out. Why is the battlefield that has come into being out of abuses of human rights occurring on an ever larger scale? This is why we are organizing and would like to create a network. This movement must never die.


Legally speaking, we are an association, but practically speaking we have to be a new movement, a rising trend.